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The Happy Camper is an artisan brand, and we take pride in the quality of our products. We produce the industry’s most potent and terpene-rich Wax, Shatter, Sugar Wax, Hi-Terpene Shatter and Sap. We also provide stylish and compliant packaging, all at competitive prices. The Happy Camper is one of the most recognizable brands in Cannabis Concentrates, and our customer service is paramount! Our top shelf concentrates are available in full grams, and we offer delivery anywhere in the state.

* Free delivery to the Denver Metro area, orders of 112g or more.

The Preferred Top Shelf Brand – In boutique shops and big stores alike

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Low RSAs, high potency and true shatter consistency makes our Shatter the best! The Happy Camper’s proprietary process results in a stable, flawless, glass-like Shatter consistency, with high potency and a high level of clarity.

Hi-Terpene Shatter

The name says it all! Similar to Shatter, our Hi-Terpene Shatter is brittle and highly potent. Our specialized extraction process allows us to preserve more of the natural terpenes, with zero added foreign terpenes. Expect a brittle consistency, with more flavor but less clarity than our standard Shatter. 


Big on flavor, our Waxes retain more of the plant’s natural terpenes than any of our Shatter variants. We produce bright and beautiful Wax, with high potency and strong fragrance. Expect bold flavor and varying textures, from soft cookie-like consistency to a hard candle wax.

Sugar Wax

The most flavorful and aromatic product in our lineup! Bursting with true-to-strain flavor, our Sugar Wax is sure to please your terpene-loving customers. THC Sugar Wax delivers bold flavors, slightly softer consistency than our standard Wax, and a moist sugary texture.

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